Reversible & Irreversible Changes

Duration: 75–90-minute workshop
Cost: From $12.00 per student (ex. GST)
Program Outline:

Big Bang Education’s Year 6 Chemical Sciences program has been designed to help teachers achieve the Australian Curriculum science understanding in Chemical Sciences:

Changes to materials can be reversible or irreversible (ACSSU095).

Year 6 students will participate in a hands-on workshop in which they will conduct investigations into reversible changes (such as simple mixtures and changes in state) and irreversible changes (including chemical reactions).

  • A large indoor space – your school hall or other multi-purpose area is ideal! (Please note that this program can get messy, so a non-carpeted area may be preferable.)
  • Ten trestle tables or equivalent for workshop materials
  • Nearby access to a power point and water. Nearby access to a wet area for cleaning up is also preferred.
Program Includes:
  • 75–90-minute hands-on workshop for each individual class (maximum of 30 students per session)
Curriculum Links:
  • Changes to materials can be reversible or irreversible (ACSSU095)
  • Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena and reflects historical and cultural contributions (ACSHE098)
  • Construct and use a range of representations, including tables and graphs, to represent and describe observations, patterns or relationships in data using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS107)
  • Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations (ACSIS221)
  • Reflect on and suggest improvements to scientific investigations (ACSIS108)
  • Decide variables to be changed and measured in fair tests, and observe measure and record data with accuracy using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS104)
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