Big Bang Science Show

Guaranteed to engage, excite and inspire your students in Science!

The Big Bang Science Show is a 60-minute celebration of science featuring all our most exciting demonstrations. This show is the perfect choice for when you’d like an exciting Science experience for a large group of students but have limited time or budget.

The Big Bang Science Show can start or finish the school term with a bang. It’s also great for school science days, National Science Week events, or any other time you think your students need to get excited about science!

The Big Bang Science Show runs for 60 minutes and includes a range of exciting demonstrations, including those involving dry ice, liquid nitrogen and fire (venue permitting) on a variety of topics.


Choose either a Physics or Chemistry focus, or let our experienced presenter choose for you. Topics covered may include air pressure, forces, chemical reactions, and states of matter.

Shows can have a maximum of 200 participants per session (ask us if you want more), and can be tailored to suit all year levels from Prep to High School. 

You may also like to book the Show as an add-on to a day of Science workshops.

The Big Bang Science Show may also be booked after hours or on weekends for extracurricular events such as science fairs or fetes.

For more information and to register your interest, contact us today!

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