Make your own balloon rocket over the school holidays.

BLAST OFF these holidays with a bit of fun, inflatable investigation at home! We are going to help you make and test your own balloon rocket.

Create Your Own Cyclone-Resistant House

One approach to managing the risk of cyclone damage is through thoughtful household design. At the Big Bang Education stall, children creatively tackled this problem by using reused materials in sustainable design. The real fun (and active experimentation) began when they tested the strength of their designs against damaging gusts of wind, provided by a household leaf blower!

Liquid Nitrogen FAQs – part 2

My last Liquid Nitrogen FAQs article prompted a bit of a brainstorm here at Big Bang HQ, which revealed to me that I had barely scratched the surface in terms of addressing the questions that are most frequently asked about liquid nitrogen in our shows and workshops. So here I have for you Part Two.

Out of this World

The universe is a big place. Our human minds probably couldn’t even begin to comprehend how far away the closest planet to Earth is! In our street (the solar system), our next-door neighbour AKA the closest planet to us is Mercury, and that is over 180 million kms away.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen. It’s cool (minus 196 degrees Celsius), it’s fun, and it’s undoubtedly one of our very favourite chemicals here at Big Bang Education. Brett has presented hundreds of shows using liquid nitrogen, and over the years has answered many hundreds of questions about it from curious students and adults alike.

The Quokka – Quirky facts vs. Instagram-filtered fiction?

Can the Quokka truly be “the happiest”, “most photogenic” animal online?

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