Science in Early Childhood Education

Young children are natural scientists. Their curiosity, imagination, and constant questioning of the world around them mean that they are always learning new things.

Big Bang Education’s Kindergarten and Early Childhood Programs help to nurture these innate skills and form the basis of a lifelong love of learning science. All programs have been developed with reference to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, and as such, are strongly focused on play-based discovery – because science is all about experimenting!

Big Bang Education is expanding its offering of Early Childhood Science programs!

Each program runs for 60 minutes and combines demonstrations by the presenter, hands-on activities, and free experimentation, all focused on a science topic.

Children will be encouraged to make predictions and contribute their thoughts.

Available Topics:

Activities have been carefully selected to be age-appropriate and engaging for Kindergarten-age children (3.5 years and up).

Science programs that start from the curriculum

Let us educate and entertain your students in a meaningful way, that is relevant to their studies.