What’s On 4 Kids Conference & Awards 2018

It has been an exciting weekend for Big Bang Education…or should I say, The Award-Winning Big Bang Education!

On Saturday, we attended the What’s On 4 Kids Conference and Awards Dinner, which brought together professionals in the children’s entertainment and education industry from all over Australia.

What's On 4 Kids 2018 Awards Logo

The highlight of the night for us was also a huge surprise. Big Bang Education was awarded Best School Holiday Activity for our Vacation Care Science programs!

Gaze upon our surprised faces (and our shiny trophy) below:

Two very surprised award winners Our shiny trophy

(NB. Despite what our faces might suggest, the trophy is not edible.)

Embarrassingly, we had to make an acceptance speech, which neither of us was expecting. We were in such shock that I think our speech left approximately 100% of the audience dubious about the fact that we speak to groups of people for a living.

We were also nominated in three other categories: Best School-aged Kids Activity, Best Preschool-aged Kids Activity, and Best Live Show.

Thank you to Elise and the team at What’s On 4 Kids for putting together such an amazing and uplifting event! Also, huge congratulations to all the award winners, finalists, and nominees. Finally, we give thanks to The Ruby Collection, who sponsored our category!

To find out which other excellent kids’ activity suppliers were victorious on the night, visit the Awards website.

Bang! Crash! Smash! Science!

Our Year One workshop focuses on the Australian Curriculum concept that “Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed”.

So it’s probably little wonder that this is the noisiest of all our workshops, discovered recently with the help of the Year Ones of St Mark’s Primary School in Inala.

The children enjoyed making as much noise as possible with our great range of instruments and noisy everyday objects.

Children making noise in the name of scienceMore scientific noise-making










As well as the noisemakers, the workshop includes experimenting with light, colours and optical illusions. And they all got to try on the latest scientific fashion accessory – rainbow glasses!

Everyone wearing rainbow glasses

(It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the lenses of the glasses split light into rainbows, so everything the wearer looks at is edged with rainbow colours.)

They also had the chance to experience a bug’s-eye view of the world.

Bug's eye view


Thanks St Mark’s, we had lots of fun visiting your students!

Our Year One program isn’t the only one that focuses on the Australian Curriculum learning outcomes – in fact, all of our school programs do! Contact us to find out more about bringing a fantastic curriculum-based science lesson to your school.