What’s It Made From?

Duration: 45-60-minute workshop
Cost: From $12.00 per student (ex. GST)
Program Outline:

Big Bang Education’s How Things Move program has been designed to help Prep teachers achieve the Australian Curriculum science understanding in Chemical Sciences:

Objects are made of materials that have observable properties (ACSSU003).

Students will participate in a hands-on workshop investigating materials, including the materials that familiar objects are made from and the properties of those materials. Workshops are delivered by a professional science educator and incorporate demonstrations by the presenter, group discussions, small group investigations and free experimentation.

  • A large indoor space – a school hall or other large multi-purpose room is ideal!
  • Five trestle tables or equivalent for workshop materials
Program Includes:
  • 45-60 minute workshop for each individual class (maximum of 30 students per session)
Curriculum Links:
  • Objects are made of materials that have observable properties (ACSSU003)
  • Science involves observing, asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events (ACSHE013)
  • Pose and respond to questions about familiar objects and events (ACSIS014)
  • Participate in guided investigations and make observations using the senses (ACSIS011)
  • Engage in discussions about observations and represent ideas (ACSIS233)
  • Share observations and ideas (ACSIS012)

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