Forces In Action

Duration: 30-min show + 45-60-min workshop
Cost: From $12.00 per student (ex. GST)
Program Outline:

Big Bang Education’s Forces in Action program has been designed to help Year 4 teachers achieve the Australian Curriculum science understanding in Physical Sciences:

Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance (ACSSU076).

Year 4 students will first experience an exciting science show which introduces them to contact forces (push/pull and friction) and non-contact forces (gravity and magnetism).

During the hands-on workshop that follows, students will investigate how the size of a force affects an object’s movement; the effects of friction on different surfaces; and the forces of attraction and repulsion on magnets.

  • A large indoor space – your school hall is ideal!
  • Four trestle tables or equivalent
Program Includes:
  • 30-minute show for Year 4 cohort
  • 45-60-minute hands-on workshop for each individual class (maximum of 30 students per group)
Curriculum Links:
  • Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance (ACSSU076)
  • Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships (ACSHE061)
  • With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and make predictions based on prior knowledge (ACSIS064)
  • With guidance, plan and conduct scientific investigations to find answers to questions, considering the safe use of appropriate materials and equipment (ACSIS065)
  • Consider the elements of fair tests and use formal measurements and digital technologies as appropriate, to make and record observations accurately (ACSIS066)
  • Use a range of methods including tables and simple column graphs to represent data and to identify patterns and trends (ACSIS068)
  • Compare results with predictions, suggesting possible reasons for findings (ACSIS216)
  • Reflect on investigations, including whether a test was fair or not (ACSIS069)
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