Big Bang Education offers a range of stand-alone science shows designed to engage, excite and inspire your students in science. These shows are a great way to start or finish the school term – they’re also perfect for school science days, National Science Week in August, or any other time you think your students need to get excited about science!

Shows are 60 minutes long and can be tailored to suit all year levels.

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Science Show Topics

The Science of Air

Air is everywhere, but how often do you think about those gases that are constantly flowing in and out of your nostrils? The Science of Air explores three major gases found in air (oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and demonstrates some seriously loud, messy and explosive things that they can do!

Please pass on my gratitude to Brett. The kids loved his show and I’ve heard nothing but praise for it from the teachers.

– Teacher, Milton State School



The Human Body

What’s the most amazing machine you can think of? It’s not a smartphone, or a tablet, or a sophisticated and expensive piece of medical equipment…it’s your body! This highly interactive show explores some of the amazing things our bodies can do, and answers questions you may have never pondered, such as “Where does balance come from?”, “How can we trick our senses?”, “What happens to us on a rollercoaster?” and “What REALLY goes on inside us after we eat something?”.


Thanks for such a wonderful show  – the children have not stopped talking about it!

– Teacher, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School


The Power Of Pressure

Pressure can be pretty intense when you’re at school. For teachers and students. But this pressure is nothing compared to air pressure. Air pressure is a huge part of our lives and we don’t even realise it. Witness amazing demonstration as air pressure is used to create vortex rings, generate wind, crush cans and make toilet paper fly. And while the air pressure here at sea level is all good, what happens when the pressure gets too much deep under the ocean; or when the air pressure drops to zero out in the vacuum of space?


State of Matter

Solids, liquids, gases … and even plasma. Learn about all these states of matter and how to transfer between them. Understand the molecular chemistry and learn what energy has to do with it all. See boiling, freezing, melting and sublimation as we change the states of matter using liquid nitrogen and dry ice.