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Temperature Sort

Do you know what’s hot and what’s not? Test your knowledge of temperatures with this challenging activity, sure to spark some heated discussions. Download the printable activity (PDF, 69kb) Download,…
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Flying Cup Glider

Create a fantastic flying machine in seconds and marvel at its erratic flight! Materials Two cups (paper, plastic or foam) Tape Rubber bands Safety first! Before launching your flying cup…
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Myth-busting Monday: Bacon vs Cigarettes

Mondays are great for busting myths. (They’re also great for going meat-free, which may seem even more appealing after reading this article.) Today’s myth concerns the cancer-causing nature of processed…
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Materials you will need for Sherbet


Whip up this fabulously fizzy sherbet in seconds using pantry ingredients. Materials Icing sugar Jelly crystals Bicarbonate of soda (bicarb) Citric acid Small bowl or container with lid Measuring spoons…
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Myth-busting Monday: Pouncing Pepper

You might have seen this viral (ahem) video doing the rounds – a preschool teacher is using the ‘pouncing pepper’ demonstration to show her students how soaps keep germs away.…
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Pouncing Pepper

Watch how detergent changes the surface tension of water in this amazing demonstration! Materials White plate Finely ground pepper Detergent or liquid soap Water Cotton tip (or finger) Instructions Pour…
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A colourful family of Mexican jumping beans made from Easter egg wrappers

Mexican Jumping Bean

Put those old Easter egg wrappers to good use in this fun activity. Materials Easter egg wrappers or aluminium foil Marbles Plastic container with lid Cylindrical object with diameter…
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Skittle Rainbow

This colourful experiment uses Skittles to demonstrate solubility and diffusion. Materials A packet of Skittles lollies A flat plate with a rim (white if possible) Tap water in a…
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