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Make a Rainbow

A rainbow is often a welcome sight when the sun comes out after a rain storm. Find out how to make your own rainbow when there’s not a cloud in…
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Myth Busting Monday: Rainbow Shapes

You can’t help but feel happy when you see a rainbow. They’ve been interpreted as divine messages, adopted as symbols of various causes and movements, and used to decorate just…
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What’s On 4 Kids Conference & Awards 2018

It has been an exciting weekend for Big Bang Education…or should I say, The Award-Winning Big Bang Education! On Saturday, we attended the What’s On 4 Kids Conference and Awards…
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Blood moon during lunar eclipse

Myth-busting Monday: The Dark Side

It’s Myth-Busting Monday again, and this week, we look at a persistent lunar myth, unwittingly perpetuated by one of the biggest bands of the 20th century… Myth: The moon has…
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myth busting Monday - goldfish wearing a mortar board

Myth Busting Monday: Goldfish Memory

Happy Myth Busting Monday! Ichthyophiles, it’s your day – today we dispel a tenacious myth about one of your favourite creatures… Myth: Goldfish have a three-second memory Truth: Goldfish, and…
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Myth Busting Monday: Breathing Trees

It’s Myth Busting Monday time! This is one that has many variations, all with a seed of truth…  Myth: Plants breathe CO2 during the day, and oxygen during the night…
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A giant Van der Graaff generator at the Boston Museum of Science creates lightning bolts, zapping a cage containing the show's presenter

Myth Busting Monday: Cars and Lightning

It’s Myth Busting Monday again! Let’s zap this one once and for all… Myth: Your car’s tyres will insulate and protect you in the event of a lightning strike. Truth: Choosing to stay…
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Myth Busting Monday: Daddy Long Legs

One of our favourite things we get to do as science teachers is debunk scientific misconceptions and myths! So we hereby present to you… Myth Busting Monday! We kick off with…
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