Big Bang Education Science Parties are the best way to help celebrate a birthday.

Whether your child is into science or not, Big Bang Education Science Parties are certain to put a smile on everyone’s face and leave people saying ‘I didn’t know science could be soo fun!”.

Packed full of exciting and messy science experiments and activities, all the kids are sure to have a great time and leave a memorable and lasting impression for years to come.

The party is mix of mind boggling and exciting science demonstrations, combined with activities and experiments for all the kids to be involved in and get their hands dirty.

The presenters at the party are not just entertainers, but professional science educators with the expert knowledge in science and science education that only comes from more than 10 years of experience in science and education. This ensures you receive a party that is not just fun, but has the backing of real science knowledge and experience.




Big Bang Education will bring everything we need for the party.









Activities include:


–          Slime!

–          Making sherbet and finding out what science has to do with making it taste so good.

–          Making gummi worms that the kids can eat.

–          Free play with science toys.

–          Liquid nitrogen ice cream made right in front of you and eaten by the children … if the adults don’t beat them                to it!


The children will be engaged and excited the whole time, plus they will have the amazing liquid nitrogen ice cream to eat at the end.


There is no minimum number of children required for a party.

There is a maximum of 20 kids per party.

There is an additional charge for more than 20 kids.

Cost $350 per party.

Party duration is 60 mins.



–          An outdoor grassed area for the slime.

–          An undercover area.

–          Access to water.

–          No power is required.

–          No tables or chairs are required.

–          Adults must be present at all times.

–          Duration of party is 60 min.

–          30 mins before and after the party required for setup and pack up.

–          We must be informed of any allergies before the party for child safety.


For more information or to book a science party please contact us.