Almost 1.2 million Australians have diabetes, many of them children. Understanding more about the disease, and ways we can tackle it, can help improve the lives of those Australians with diabetes.

Mater Research is currently involved in a nationwide clinical trial which is investigating the role of a number of environmental triggers for type 1 diabetes, such as food sources.

Big Bang Education teamed up with some of the diabetes researchers from the Mater Children’s Hospital to speak to the children at the hospital. The researchers spoke about some of the science behind their research, and Big Bang Education helped give the children an idea about what exactly is in the food we eat.

The children had a great time, even if it might have been a little concerning to hear how much sugar is in a bottle of coke, eeek!

Channel Nine also came along to film the event. Check out the story in the video!

You can read more about the research at the Mater Children’s Hospital here!

We can all use a good reminder about choosing healthy options when it comes to food and our lifestyles.

After all, we only get one body, so we’d better look after it!

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