Temperature Sort

Do you know what’s hot and what’s not? Test your knowledge of temperatures with this challenging activity, sure to spark some heated discussions.

  • Download, print, and cut out the cards (pages 1-6). 
  • It’s a good idea to start by sorting the temperature cards from highest to lowest.
  • Next, match up the ones you know already. Then place the rest of the ‘hot/cold thing’ cards roughly where on the scale you think they will go.
  • Try asking yourself questions to determine the order. Is the inside of the freezer hotter than the surface of the sun? Does chocolate melt at a lower temperature than that of the surface of Mars? (Probably not.)
  • If you get really stuck, page 7 of the document has the answers – but try not to look at these until you’ve had a go at matching them yourself! (Perhaps ask someone to check the answers and give you a hint.)

Curriculum Links

In addition, this activity will develop the important concept of reasonableness of numbers, which begins to develop through the Year 5 and Year 6 Mathematics curriculum.

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