A million thumbs up!

– Student, Wooloowin School’s Out Outside School Hours Care


Big Bang Education offers exciting science shows and workshops for vacation care and outside school hours care (OSHC) centres in the Greater Brisbane region and across South-east Queensland.

Each 60-minute session is $300 (excluding GST) and consists of a science show and a hands-on workshop.

Choose from a range of fun themes:

  • Slime

Are all slimes the same? No way! Come and discover the sticky, slimy and gross world of slime. All participants will make a bag of slime that they can keep.


small slime

  • Flight

Explore what forces make planes, helicopters and rockets fly with this soaring science show. Students then make their own flying machine and blast off their own mini rockets.


  • Edible Science

We dive into the kitchen to see what science lies within the foods we love to eat. The kids make something they can actually eat, and we make some liquid nitrogen ice cream for everyone. And all done using science!

Warning: This program is delicious!


  • Amazing Air Pressure

Although we may not usually take much notice of it, air pressure is around us all the time…in fact, we couldn’t survive without it! Watch as we harness its power for a huge range of amazing things – think levitating balls, explosions, implosions and flying toilet paper. Students themselves get to make somethings explode!


  • Toy Science

If you heard the words friction, inertia, energy, momentum, velocity, gravity, magnetism and electricity, you would probably think this was a science lesson. But all of these principles of physics are used to create toys! That’s right, toys! The ones you played with as a child right up to the ones in toy shops today. Join us and learn about toys and what science has to do them. Program includes science show demonstrations of science toys; free play… I mean an investigation about toys; and an opportunity for the children to make their own science toy.



Sessions can be adapted to suit groups of all ages, and can cater for a maximum of 30 children per session. We can hold multiple sessions in one day for larger groups.

Contact us for more information and to register your interest!