Absolutely outstanding!! Cannot thank you enough for everything that you put together for our students. Students were so engaged and staff were so grateful and impressed with all that you delivered. We LOVE you guys and all that you do to offer our students a fun and engaging way to explore science concepts.
Teacher, Pine Rivers Special School


Big Bang Education’s entertaining and educational science workshops have been developed in line with the Australian Curriculum, and are designed to help teachers achieve required outcomes in Science Understanding.

Each year level’s program involves a hands-on workshop designed for participation by one class at a time (maximum of 30 children per session). Workshops are packed full of demonstrations and activities that showcase the relevant science concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Many of the activities are self-guided, and students will have plenty of opportunities for class discussion to consolidate their new knowledge.

Programs for Years 1-4 also incorporate a science show for the whole year level (maximum of 100 children) to introduce students to the basics of the topic.

Shows are entertaining and engaging, and contain a range of demonstrations that are sure to get students excited about science.

See a sample timetable for a day of sessions.

All programs also incorporate worksheets for students to complete either within the session, or in follow-up lessons with their class teacher.

For more information about the programs we have available for each year level, please click on the links below.